Main Topics

editor:ACMI time:2020-10-16

Tentative Topics of the Int’l Conf. of Advanced Chemical Materials Industry

1. Welcome Speech

2. Opening Ceremony

3. Plenary Speeches

3.1 Policy Trend and Development Prospect of the Advanced Chemical Material Industry in the 14th Five-year Plan

3.2 Opportunities Brought By Hydrogen and New Energy Technology Breakthrough and Accelerated Industrialization

3.3 Great Health with Advanced Materials and New Technologies

3.4 Fluorine Chemistry Frontier: Advanced Technology of Fluorine Material

3.5 Application of Advanced Composite Materials in Commercial Aircraft

3.6 Industrial Development Status and Future Development Prospects of PO-PPG-PU Industry in China

3.7 Advanced Chemical Material Development Status and Planning in Huantai, Shandong

Tentative Topics of 2020 The 4th Forum of Fluorine Chemical High-end Development


Sub-Forum 1: Fluorinated Fine Chemicals

1. Preparation technology of perfluoropolyether anti fingerprint coating

2. Perfluoropolyether and its derivatives

3. Fluorinated intermediates and fine chemicals

4. Application of fluorinated amino acids and their derivatives in polypeptide drugs

5. Application of fluorinated amino acids in drug design

6. Fluorinated medicine and its intermediates

7. Research of new fluorinated pesticides

8. New fluorinated reactive dyes and solutions

9. Treatment of wastewater containing fluorine dyes

10. Development and application of fluorinated intermediates in pesticides

11. Research and application of super weather resistant fluorinated materials

12. Green electrophilic fluorination of aromatic compounds

13. Application of fluorine containing functional materials in lithium ion power battery

14. Application of new emulsion polymerization technology in fluoropolymer functional coating materials

15. Fluorinated synthetic lubricating oil and its application

16. Application and development of tetrafluorobenzene series liquid crystal intermediates

17. Study on perfluoropolyether lubricant and its tribological characteristics

18. Sustainable development of fluorinated pesticides

19. Study on hexafluoropropene based new fluorinated surfactant

20. Research on biodegradation of perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS)

21. Issues about reducing the use of PFAS


Sub-Forum 2: Modified fluorine resin/coating

1. Study on the application of PTFE oil drainage modification technology

2. Modified high temperature proton exchange membrane based on PTFE reinforced polymer blends

3. Study on activated carbon / PTFE modified in oil water separation

4. Evaluation of molecular structure of PTFE modified by X-ray radiation

5. Study on properties of PTFE modified resin cubic boron nitride abrasives

6. Preparation of PTFE-g-PAA modified phenolic resin and its application in abrasives

7. Anti icing surface of epoxy resin modified by PTFE particles spraying

8. Application and progress of modified PVDF membrane in treatment of dye wastewater

9. The properties of raw rubber modified by polyfluorinated ethylene propylene /FKM-26 emulsion.

10. Effect of modified FEP on corrosion resistance of steel

11. Preparation and electrochemical performance of FEP modified catalyst

12. Research and application prospect of epoxy modified fluororesin

13. Research status and development of PTFE surface modification

14. Modification of fluoropolymer matrix and its composite products

15. Preparation and characterization of chemically modified polyimide fiber and poly (perfluoroethylene propylene) composites

16. Silicone modified CTFE fluorocarbon resin emulsion

17. Preparation of fluorine modified polyacrylate printing pigment

18. Preparation and properties of flexible crosslinked ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer

19. Study and application of porous surface modified by PTFE