2020 The 18th Silicone Fine Chemicals Conference

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To promote the rapid development and continuous upgrading of the industrial cluster of silicone industry, cultivate new growth drivers and improve traditional ones, seize new development opportunities and prepare for the great futureChina Association of Fluorine and Silicone Industry (CAFSI), Zibo Municipal People’s Government, Huantai County People’s Government, Strategic Alliance of Green Silicon Industry Development Nationwide (SAGSI), together with jointly invited relevant institutions and international organizations, will organize 2020 The 3rd China· Zibo International Conference of Advanced Chemical Materials Industry and 2020 The 18th Silicone Fine Chemicals Conference in Zibo from December 16 to 18, 2020Meanwhile, a series of technical activities and forums including the 2020 The 4th Forum of Fluorine Chemical High-end Development, 2020 China Hydrogen Fuel Cell Key Equipment and Materials Congress, 2020 The Fifth Advanced Application Technology Seminar for Epoxy Resin, 2020 China PO-PPG-PU Industrial Chain High Quality Development Forum and 2020 Zibo Advanced Chemical Materials Exhibition- New Technology, Equipment, Application & Trend will be held simultaneously. Around 1,500-2,000 experts will attend this conference. With an exhibition area of over 10,000 square meters, this event will attract about 200 exhibitors and over 20,000 participants.

2020 The 18th Silicone Fine Chemicals Conference is composed of three sessions of HTV silicone rubber, silicone for healthcare and silicone pressure sensitive adhesive and release agent as follows.


1. Organizational structure

Supported by:

Zibo Municipal People’s Government

Hosted by:

China Association of Fluorine and Silicone Industry

Co-hosted by:

China Epoxy Resin Industry Association (Preparing)

China Polyurethane Industry Association

Organized by:

Huantai County Peoples Government

Strategic Alliance of Green Silicon Industry Development Nationwide (SAGSI)

Beijing Fluorine and Silicone Technology Development Co., Ltd

Beijing Sino Advanced Chemical Materials Technology Centre

Media support: 

China Silicone

industries of chemical new materials, silicone, epoxy resin and application, fluorine chemical and surfactant

Conference website:

2. Conference Theme: Innovation, Upgrading, Greenness

3. Tentative Schedule

3.1 Date: December 16- 18, 2020

3.2 Venue: Shandong Zibo Convention and Exhibition Center & Shandong Qisheng International Hotel

3.3 Language: Chinese & English (Simultaneous Interpretation)

3.4 Schedule:

Dec.15 pm

Registration for Events

Lobby, Qisheng International Hotel

Dec.16 am

Opening Ceremony&Plenary Speech—2020 The 3rd China Zibo International Conference of Advanced Chemical Materials Industry

Hall C of Zibo Convention and Exhibition Center (Roadshow China)


Opening Ceremony--Zibo Advanced chemical Materials Exhibition--New Technology, Equipment, Application & Trend

Hall A of Zibo Convention and Exhibition Center

Dec. 17 full day & Dec. 18 am

Forum B: 2020 The 18th Silicone Fine Chemicals Conference

Sub-forum 1: HTV

Sub-forum 2: Silicone for Healthcare

Sub-forum 3: Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and Release Agent

Qisheng International Hotel

Dec.18 pm

Visit Dongyue Economic Development Zone and Maqiao Industrial Park


IV. Rates

(1) Participation Fee

Remittance of USD 550 before November 30th; Remittance and on-site payment of USD 600 after November 30th; Group payment of additional discounts is available.

(2) Business Cooperation

The conference accepts all kinds of business cooperation such as sponsorship speech, booth, brochures advertisement, lanyards, badges, ebay, and customer docking, etc.. Please contact the conference affairs team for details.

V. Contact Information

Nicole Tang 18210097596 Wechat

Apple Li   18971475939 Wechat

Guanghui Su 18971342309 Wechat

Xinhua Ma  13911175423 Wechat

Appendix I: Registration Form

Appendix II: Tentative Topics of the International Conference of Advanced Chemical Materials Industry

AppendixIII: Tentative Topics of The 18th Silicone Fine Chemicals Conference


China Association of Fluorine and Silicone Industry

September 14, 2020